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protestOn Monday evening, as many as 2,000 people gathered at Parliament Square to protest against antisemitism within the Labour Party arranged by the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council.

Labour MP’s and politicians from across the spectrum joined community leaders and members from the Jewish Community, demanding an end to racism and the start of conclusive action to confront the rise of antisemitism within the Labour Party.

The unprecedented rally was organised following reports that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn had defended an antisemitic mural in East London several years ago.

Jonathan Goldstein, the JLC chair, welcomed the huge gathering from the Jewish community and friends of the community and said: “we’re here to tell Jeremy Corbyn that enough is enough”.

The Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush led a chant of “Enough is enough,” as he demanded Corbyn take a firm stance against those accused of antisemitism in the party. “Jeremy Corbyn has failed to take meaningful action, creating space for racists,” he told the crowd.

Labour MP John Mann, who was outspoken in criticizing Ken Livingstone following his comments about Hitler and Zionism, apologised “on my behalf and on behalf of every MP that you’ve had to take the time to come here today. What on earth is going wrong with the Labour Party when this event has to be considered? We are not prepared to accept anyone staying in the Labour Party who is a racist.”

Secretary of State for International Development, Rt. Hon. Penny Mordaunt MP said on Twitter “Huge support for #EnoughIsEnough rally in Parliament Square from every community and every religion. Thank you to all who attended, especially the Labour MPs for standing up for the fundamental values of our Nation & Democracy.”

Around 50 people took part in a counter-demonstration just outside the square, some under the banner of Jewish Voice for Labour.

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