Andrew Percy MP: UK-Israel relationship “has never been stronger”

By November 03 2017, 11:41 Latest News No Comments

Andrew Percy 34CFI Vice-Chairman Andrew Percy MP spoke to popular Israeli radio station Galatz Radio yesterday where he celebrated the Balfour Declaration’s centenary and said that the UK-Israel relationship “has never been stronger”.

Mr Percy said: “The relationship between Israel and the UK has never been stronger, and this celebration of the Balfour Declaration is a reminder of how we’re trading at ever-increasing levels, the security cooperation we have is at the very highest level, and of course government to government we have very close contact”.

Speaking against the premature recognition of a Palestinian state and calling for renewed peace negotiations, the Brigg and Goole MP said: “It’s absolutely clear that unilateral actions won’t make any difference, which is why we don’t support the creation unilaterally of a Palestinian state. We want to see a two-state solution through negotiation, and that will only happen between the leaders sitting down together to discuss that”.

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