Antiviral nose spray begins production in Israel

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A ground-breaking antiviral nose spray that will protect users against COVID-19 has started production in Israel.

The Israeli-designed antiviral spray is reportedly effective against 99.9% of viruses and takes just two minutes before its effectiveness works. The spray, which is marketed by the name Enovid and has been undergoing clinical trials, has been described as a “hand sanitizer equivalent for the nose”. It works by creating a physical barrier in the nasal passages to stop viruses along with a “chemical barrier” of nitric oxide, which is known for its antimicrobial qualities and effectively kills the virus.

Its inventor, Dr. Gilly Regev, believes the spray could have prevented much of the world’s COVID-19 outbreaks and could yet save millions of lives in countries without access to vaccines. Crucially, it is claimed that tests show the antiviral is effective against a broad spectrum of viruses, including their mutations.

Enovid has received approval for public use by Israel’s Health Ministry and the country is now set to be the first in the world in which it is sold. It will marketed as safe for users 12 years and upwards, which will mean many younger people can use it to receive protection from COVID-19 before they receive their vaccination. UK health authorities are understood to be reviewing the product.

Last week, SaNOtize and Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Surrey, UK, announced results of clinical trials indicating that the spray could prevent the transmission of COVID-19, shorten its course, and reduce the severity of symptoms and damage in those already infected. The study has been submitted to a leading medical journal for review and publication

Dr Regev, an Israeli-raised biochemist who co-founded the company SaNOtize and developed the spray in Canada, said: “We are hoping that our nasal spray will now save many lives of people in countries that are waiting for the vaccine…This will be affordable and can be used for prevention, to protect from any respiratory viral infection”.

The company producing the spray is aiming to produce 200,000 to 500,000 units by May, with a view to having a capacity for one million bottled a month.

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