British and Israeli companies partner to advance diabetes management

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Israel’s DarioHealth has announced a collaboration with UK firm DigitalHealth.London in order to bring its diabetes management technology to the UK. The partnership was facilitated by the UK-Israel Dangoor Health Initiative, an accelerator launched by the UK Israel Tech Hub last year to connect Israeli digital health companies with the NHS.

DigitalHealth.London works to increase the speed of development and the scaling of innovation across healthcare provision in the UK. The collaboration will help to bring DarioHealth’s flagship personalised diabetes management platform to the UK, a smart glucose meter which monitors blood glucose levels in conjunction with the Dario Smart Diabetes Management app.

The platform also assists users by notifying them of carbohydrate intake, insulin medications and physical activity. The location-tracking capability enables partnering pharmacies to contact patients in the event of hypoglycaemic emergencies.

DarioHealth’s chief operating officer, Dror Bacher, said: “With 25 percent of middle-aged adults suffering from hypertension and 2.6 million suffering from diabetes, the NHS needs the very best in digital innovation in order to manage chronic disease conditions successfully, now and into the future”.

He added: “DarioHealth is well positioned to offer quality digital therapeutic interventions for managing chronic conditions and looks forward to exploring opportunities for integration and partnership with both primary and secondary care providers. Through our collaboration, we will examine the best ways to develop new Dario digital therapeutic solutions for people with chronic conditions within the framework of the NHS”.

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