CFI Vice-Chairman urges IRGC proscription, condemns Iranian aggression

By February 05 2021, 16:11 Latest News No Comments

In the House of Commons this week, CFI Vice-Chairman Andrew Percy MP condemned Iran’s regional aggression and urged the UK Government to proscribe the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Mr Percy said that Iran “continues to destabilise the Middle East” and referred to recent threats by Iran to “crush its enemies”.

He raised concerns over reports that the IRGC “has been testing long-range missiles and drones”, and said the UK “must go further” with regards to proscription.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace agreed that “the IRGC and its activities in the region are destabilising” and called on the “IRGC and the Iranian Government to desist from that activity”.

“The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a whole remains subject to UK, EU and US sanctions. Many associated individuals and entities are also designated. We review the list of proscribed groups, but do not routinely comment on specific organisations”, he added.

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