Conservative MPs condemn Hezbollah’s terrorist activities in Parliament

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HolloboneNumerous Conservative MPs condemned Hezbollah’s terror activities during a Westminster Hall debate on the organisation’s rocket arsenal this week.

The debate was led by Philip Hollobone MP, who called on action to be taken about the terror organisation’s rocket arsenal: “There is, on Israel’s northern border, a rocket arsenal of up to 150,000 missiles which are aimed at all the major towns and cities of one of our closest allies… frankly I think something should be done about it”.

He added the British Government should ban the political wing of Hezbollah, saying the militant group “doesn’t see a difference between military and political wing”.

CFI Parliamentary Chairman Rt. Hon. Stephen Crabb MP said that the separation of a ‘military wing’ and a ‘political wing’ is “an entirely artificial distinction” and that “Hezbollah itself sees itself as a unified terrorist military organisation”.

Rt. Hon. Mark Harper MP referred in his intervention to the Al-Quds March taking place in London this Sunday, where Hezbollah flags are again expected to be flown. He pointed out that police were powerless to stop the display, due to small print at the bottom of the of the flag “which says they are the civilian wing”, and called for issue to be tackled by the Government.

Vice-Chairman of CFI John Howell OBE MP also echoed concerns that Hezbollah flags can be waved on the streets of London “with impunity” as the terror group is not fully proscribed.

Ross Thomson MP called on Government to “judge Hezbollah by the totality of its actions”, and asserted that “by proscribing Hezbollah we would send the strongest possible message that the UK abhors terrorism in all of its forms”.

In his intervention, Jack Lopresti MP condemned Iran for funding the terror organisation and its “malign and wicked influence in the Middle East”.

In Questions to the Leader of the House of Commons, CFI Officer Bob Blackman MP asked Rt. Hon. Andrea Leadsom MP for a debate on proscribing Hezbollah and Hamas in their entirety so that police action can be taken.

Rt. Hon. Andrea Leadsom MP replied stating that “the strategy towards Hezbollah is one of great caution, but at the same time this country will never subscribe to any terrorist activity ​here and we take every step to keep our citizens safe”. She added: “He might like to seek an Adjournment debate so that he can raise directly with Ministers his views on what more can be done”.

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