Conservative MPs condemn Iran’s regional aggression in FCO Questions

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Stephen-Crabb123Conservative MPs deplored Iran’s regional aggression and ballistic missile tests during Foreign and Commonwealth Office Questions in the House of Commons this week.

CFI Parliamentary Chairman (Commons) Rt. Hon. Stephen Crabb MP asked Middle East Minister Rt. Hon. Alistair Burt MP: “Isn’t it the case that neither the carrot of the nuclear deal, or the stick of sanctions and other policy measures have so far encouraged Iran to be a responsible member of the international community. So what more does the Minister think can be done to persuade Iran to desist from supporting terror, insurgency and pursuing its ballistics programme?”

Rachel Maclean MP pointed out that crowds in Iran last month “chanted ‘Death to Theresa May’ and called for the destruction of Israel and America”, and outlined her concern about the regime’s continuation of uranium enrichment.

The Middle East Minister underlined that “Iran’s ballistic missile programme presents a threat to the security of the Middle East and Europe that cannot be ignored”.

Michael Fabricant MP highlighted the distinction “between Iran which is using its rocket technology to produce ballistic missiles, and Israel which will shortly be landing a scientific explorer on the moon”.

In addition, Phillip Hollobone MP asked a question on Hamas-Fatah reconciliation: “One of the problems the Palestinians have is they don’t speak with one voice. Is there any sign of a reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas?”

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