Conservative peer condemns Palestinian Authority salaries to terror prisoners

By January 26 2018, 18:04 Latest News No Comments

Baroness RedfernConservative peer Baroness Redfern condemned the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) continued payment of salaries to prisoners convicted of terror offences in the House of Lords this week.

Baroness Redfern said that the PA President Mahmoud Abbas “pledged that he would not stop paying salaries to imprisoned terrorists and their families, even if it cost him his Presidency”.

She asked the Minister whether he agreed “that there cannot be peace until the Palestinian Authority truly renounces violence and stops glorifying terrorism against Israelis?”

In response, International Development Minister Lord Bates said the UK provides aid to the PA on the basis that it will “clamp down on speech designed to incite hatred and division”. He added: “That is a condition of our funding”.

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