Conservative peers condemn Hamas’s terrorism and misappropriation of aid

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Lord LeighConservative peers this week in the House of Lords condemned Hamas’s firing of rockets at Israeli civilians and misappropriation of international aid.

Government Whip Baroness Goldie underlined that “there is no excuse or justification for terrorism”. She said: “We utterly condemn the violent acts of Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza. The firing of rockets towards civilian areas is unacceptable and must stop”.

Lord Leigh of Hurley raised concern about the “misappropriation of international aid” by Hamas in Gaza to build tunnels and other terror infrastructure.

He said: “Lords will be aware of the terrible state of the healthcare system in Gaza. This is partly because in Hamas-controlled Gaza much of the reconstruction material has been misused for tunnels and the like”.

Lord Leigh advised: “One thing Her Majesty’s Government could do… is to keep an eye on the misappropriation of international aid and ensure that it is used for the purpose for which it is sent”.

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