Conservatives hail UK-Israel trade partnership in Parliament

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Chris GreenConservative MP Chris Green, hailed the UK-Israel trade partnership in the House of Commons during International Trade Questions this week.

Mr Green asked the Minister if he agreed “that work being done to prepare our post-Brexit future will deliver a superb collaboration with Israel which will help further strengthen the UK as a technological hub”?

The question comes shortly after a free trade agreement “in principle” was announced between the two countries earlier in January, one of the first post-Brexit free trade deals announced.

The Minister for Investment, Graham Stuart MP answered Mr Green: “The ageing grand challenge within the industrial strategy absolutely focuses on our world-leading pharmaceutical and health companies”.

He underlined: “We have a dedicated team in Tel Aviv actively promoting cooperation between UK and Israeli companies and an established UK-Israel Tech Hub, so as to enhance those partnerships between British companies and Israeli technology innovators going forward”.

UK trade with Israel is currently at a record high, reaching £8.6 billion in 2018.

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