David Cameron worried over Labour’s ‘wrong’ direction on Israel

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OffordPrime Minister David Cameron has spoken of his concern about the Labour Party’s approach to Israel and Hamas during a visit to Hendon with Conservative candidate Matthew Offord.

In an interview with the Jewish Chronicle, the Conservative Party leader said Jewish voters could have an impact at the ballot box on Thursday and asserted that he understood the fears of the Jewish community in the face of the terror threat and attacks on Israel.

Mr Cameron stated: “I know that at this time the Jewish community have felt, understandably, particularly threatened because of the appalling events in Brussels and then in Paris. I want to do everything we can to reassure them”.

Asked what would happen to Britain’s relationship with Israel in the event of a Labour government, possibly backed by the Scottish National Party, Mr Cameron outlined his concern: “They seem to see some sort of equivalence between Israel defending itself and Hamas firing rockets indiscriminately into Israel. That’s completely wrong”.

The Prime Minister emphasised the need to be “very clear about the right of Israel to exist and defend itself and take those steps”. He proceeded to criticise the Labour Party’s position on Israel: “I do worry about Labour’s apparent change of heart”.

Matthew Offord, the Conservative candidate for Hendon, added: “It’s worthwhile to mention the SNP’s view on boycotts of Israel. That would be a catastrophe”.

Mr Cameron proceeded to endorse Mr Offord’s reelection campaign: “We have an excellent MP in Matthew Offord and I want people to send him back to Parliament for another five years. He’s stood up for Hendon and very much for the Jewish community”.

The PM also praised Matthew Offord’s campaign to increase security at Jewish schools and community centres. Mr Cameron said: “He was one of the people who said it was absolutely essential we have more security for Jewish schools and community centres and other organisations and the government has delivered that”.

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