Environment Secretary “fully understands” the Jewish community’s fears of a Corbyn government

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Villiers CPCEnvironment Secretary Rt. Hon. Theresa Villiers MP, has assured the Jewish community in an interview with the Jewish Chronicle that she “fully understands” their fears of a Corbyn-led government, stating: “I think it’s is truly shocking and unacceptable that he has let anti-Jewish racism invade and pervade within the Labour Party”.

The Member of Parliament for Chipping Barnet continued to say that whilst she believes there is a “good chance” that Boris Johnson would be Prime Minister again after the UK next goes to the polls, “no one can predict or be certain” about any forthcoming election, referencing the 2017 General Election where the polls “proved to be a million miles away from the actual result”.

She underlined: “It is disgraceful he has not dealt with it and rooted it out of his party. We will take no chances and fight as hard as we can, be it in north London and across the rest of the country”.

On her support for the Jewish state, Theresa Villiers said: “I suppose it stems from growing up in North London… The Jewish community has always been such an important part of the culture here, in terms of my friendships and my family ties with the community”.

The Environment Secretary revealed she began to take a genuine interest in Israel after being elected as a MEP in 1999: “I was really inspired by Israel. Created in the most adverse conditions possible and yet a hugely successful country. Hugely successful despite being surrounded for so many years by countries who had the declared intention to destroy it”.

She emphasised: “I feel we have a duty to support the Middle East’s only real functioning democracy and its right to defend its own citizens from terrorist attack”.

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