Foreign Office Calls on Iran to Cease Nuclear Activities

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skynews-iran-hassan-rouhani_4708923The UK Foreign Office has demanded that Iran “immediately stop and reverse all activities”, having breached the acceptable level for uranium enrichment (3.67%). The move is Iran’s second significant breach of the JCPOA nuclear deal within a week, when the IAEA confirmed last week that Iran had stockpiled greater amounts that permitted of lower enriched uranium.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi announced their purposeful breach and that Iran would continue enriching uranium beyond the permitted level until remaining signatories agree to sanctions relief.

A senior Iranian MP, Mojtaba Zonnur, claimed on Sunday that Iran needed this more irradiated material for their nuclear-propulsion systems, although the higher level of enrichment means the country is closer to weapons grade levels.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, called it a “small step” that would inevitably grow into something larger. He called on the JCPOA signatories to impose “harsh sanctions” in response to the Iranian move.

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, took to Twitter to warn of the threat the Iranian regime could pose if “armed with nuclear weapons”.

President Trump has been even more explicit with his threats, saying Iran “better be careful” and alluding to their ambitions of nuclear weaponry “you enrich for one reason.”

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