Hamas leader threatens rockets on Tel Aviv, in Lebanon rally

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HaniyehThe leader of Hamas on Sunday claimed that the terror group has missiles that can reach Tel Aviv, at an appearance in Lebanon.

The Chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, made this claim in the Ein El-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp, where he received a hero’s welcome entering on the shoulders of security.

The Hamas leader stated that, “Our missiles had a range of several kilometres (miles) from the border with Gaza”. Haniyeh said: “Today the resistance in Gaza has missiles that can hit Tel Aviv and beyond Tel Aviv.”

Hamas have previously targeted Tel Aviv, with the seaside city around 75 kilometres away from the Hamas administrated Gaza Strip. This claim comes following last week’s ceasefire agreement reached between Israel and Hamas, after a month of incendiary balloon attacks.

While in Lebanon, Haniyeh and other Hamas delegates also met with the leader of the proscribed terrorist group Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah. During this meeting, they discussed the situation in the Middle East with Israel normalising relations with Arab nations, notably the agreement with the UAE. Haniyeh said, that the normalisation “does not represent the people, neither their conscience, nor their history nor their heritage,” according to a Hamas statement.

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