Hamas leader: We have 500 km of tunnels in Gaza, only 5% were damaged

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Anas-Mohammed / Shutterstock.com

Anas-Mohammed / Shutterstock.com

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar claimed on Wednesday that Hamas has 500 km of terror tunnels in the Gaza Strip and that only 5% of the tunnels had been damaged during the recent conflict with Israel.

In his first speech since Operation Guardian of the Walls ended, Sinwar also warned that the terror group has 10,000 “martyrs” inside Israel who are “ready to respond” if Jerusalem is harmed. He added: “In the coming period, we will carry out an advanced popular resistance, whose back will be protected by military resistance”.

Sinwar said that shortly before the ceasefire came into effect 12 days ago, Hamas had planned to fire 300 rockets at once, with 150 being directed at Tel Aviv, but decided not to out of respect for the Egyptian and Qatari mediators.

He also claimed that Hamas has the ability to launch hundreds of rockets per minute, with a range of 100-200 km.

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