Hamas now using heavy machinery to speed up terror tunnel construction

By April 15 2015, 17:16 Latest News No Comments

terror tunnelToday the Times of Israel is reporting that Hamas is now using heavy machinery and engineering tools to speed up the excavation of terror tunnels leading from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

The equipment is said to include small bulldozers with the ability to maneuver in tight spaces. Reportedly Hamas are also using whatever cement they can acquire for the construction of the tunnels, as well as fortifying the walls of its underground structures with wood.

Israeli officials have confirmed that Hamas is making great effort to dig the tunnels as quickly as possible, as well as attempting to construct as many short-range rockets as possible, knowing that they are less likely to be downed by the Iron Dome defence system and can cause significant damage in Israel.

Earlier this month it was reported that Iran has been transferring millions of dollars to Hamas to rebuild its underground infrastructure and replenish its rocket arsenal. But the terror organization is said to be being careful to avoid crossing into Israeli soil, in order to avoid an eruption of hostilities.



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