Hamas refuses Qatari funds; Qatar agrees money will be reallocated to humanitarian projects

By January 25 2019, 16:52 Latest News No Comments

AA2266Hamas rejected $15 million in Qatari funds that arrived in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, after Israel approved the transfer following an almost two week delay.

Israel had delayed the payment after an Israel Defence Forces (IDF) officer was shot in the head by a Palestinian sniper at the border fence between Israel and Gaza. Accusing Israel of imposing new conditions on the financial transfer, Hamas said it was unwilling to let Israel postpone the date for the delivery of the money.

Under an informal agreement struck in November, Qatar has sent $15 million a month into the strip, in a programme to fund the wages of Hamas employees and shipments of fuel for power generation in Gaza.

Qatar’s Ambassador to the territory said his government had reached an agreement with the United Nations to distribute grant money for humanitarian projects.

Hamas has repeatedly threatened renewed violence at the border with Israel over past stalled payments.

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