Heart of Israeli child donated to save life of Palestinian baby

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Baby 2October 2018 marked the first time that a heart was transplanted between Jewish and Palestinian children. The donee Israeli child had recently died from a long term illness.

Dr. David Mishaly, of Sheba Medical Centre performed the maiden operation on Palestinian baby Musa who remains in a critical condition in Tel Aviv.

Dr. Mishaly commented: “There is no such thing in the Palestinian Authority as an organ donor or organ waiting list”.

This is a reflection of the long term trend of doctors in Ramallah hospitals sending children in a critical condition into Israel for medical treatment.

Commentators have called the surgery a “miracle” as Musa had pre-existing health complications.

Musa’s grandmother said in a statement that her family “would like to meet the family of the Jewish child in the near future and thank them for their generosity”.

Dr. Mishaly has since stated that “Sheba Medical Centre will continue to focus on healing for everyone regardless of who they are”.

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