Hendon MP presents petition from constituents calling for Government to proscribe Hezbollah

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Offord123CFI Officer Matthew Offord MP this week presented a petition on behalf of 896 residents from his Hendon constituency calling for the Government to ban Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation.

The petition comes ahead of a Backbench Business debate on the proscription of Hezbollah, which will be taking place in the House of Commons on Thursday 25th January at 1.30pm.

The petition requests “that the House of Commons urges the Government to proscribe the political as well as military arm of the Hezbollah organisation under the Terrorism Act 2000”.

It declares that “demonstrations against the legitimate and democratic state of Israel where offensive and anti-Semitic language is used are not acceptable and that they, the petitioners, condemn such actions”.

The petitioners note that “the police will not take any legal action against perpetrators under the current law” and add that they “the petitioners, demonstrate their commitment to democracy, tolerance and freedom of speech by seeking the elimination of hatred”.

In June 2017, Hezbollah flags were openly displayed in central London at the annual al-Quds Day Rally, and the following month, Hezbollah flags were waved and Israeli flags were burnt at a protest outside the Israeli embassy in London.

CFI’s Parliamentary group and numerous Conservative MPs have condemned the display and called on the Government to proscribe Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation in its entirety.

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