Hospital ‘ICU of the future’ prepares Israel for second coronavirus wave

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WhatsApp-Image-2020-05-26-at-18.41.43-640x400This week, a high-tech ICU ‘room of the future’, was unveiled in a Zoom webinar from Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan.

The ICU, HealthSpace 2030, uses 11 technologies integrate sensing, monitoring, AI, communication, augmented reality and robotic technologies to maximise care and comfort while minimising risk to hospital staff.

Nearly all the products in HealthSpace 2030 were designed in Israel for global use by new and established med-tech companies as well as various Israel Defense Forces (IDF) units and Israeli defence contractors.

‘Version 1.0′ of HealthSpace 2030 is designed for Covid-19 patients but is relevant to other intensive-care scenarios and will be updated regularly, chief medical officer and chief innovation officer at Sheba Medical Center Dr. Eyal Zimlichman said.

The hospital has long been working on boosting the role of technology in patient care but Covid-19 has been a major “accelerator” for digital health, Zimlichman said in an interview with Times of Israel.

Read more about the different technologies used here.

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