ICC decision “undermines Middle East Peace Process” and “heightens exposure” of UK troops

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Conservative MPs this week condemned the ICC’s “controversial determination” on jurisdiction relating to Israel and the Palestinians.

In the House of Commons, Defence Select Committee member Sarah Atherton MP said the ruling “not only undermines the Middle East Peace Process but heightens the exposure of our armed forces to vexatious claims by setting a precedent that non-state actors can initiate proceedings”.

CFI Officer Andrew Bowie MP described the UK’s silence over this “dangerous precedent” as “problematic”.

“Based on an extraordinary misinterpretation of international law, the decision was rightly condemned by some of our closest allies; the United States, Australia, Germany and Canada”, he wrote in an opinion piece for the Jewish News. Read the full article here.

Numerous Conservatives have raised concerns over the ICC ruling in a series of Written Parliamentary Questions in recent weeks.

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