IDF foils attempted sniper attack from Syria

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WhatsApp_Image_2020-03-17_at_10.46.16_3-e1584451961991-640x400The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Tuesday said that it had foiled an attempted sniping attack against Israeli soldiers earlier this month by the Hezbollah terror group and the Syrian army, in the Golan Heights. The attack is said to have been thwarted by an Israeli strike on the suspects’ car.

The military said that in the months preceding the incident Israeli troops saw Hezbollah fighters and Syrian soldiers preparing for an attack, filming the border area with smartphones and professional cameras and measuring wind speed from different locations in the supposedly demilitarised buffer zone between the two countries. The IDF said this appeared to be efforts to identify a target and improve snipers’ accuracy.

The military said that on 2nd March, Hezzbollah fighters were seen preparing to carry out the attack from a car.

Pictures purportedly from the scene show a burning white truck that appeared to be completely destroyed in the strike.

The IDF added that it saw the Syrian government “as responsible for all that happens in its territory”.

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