IDF leads humanitarian mission to Equatorial Guinea

By March 19 2021, 12:08 Latest News No Comments

After a series of explosions took the lives of 107 and injured over 600 citizens of Equatorial New Guinea on Sunday, Israel has sent a humanitarian aid team to provide life-saving medical care to those in Bata’s hospitals.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Health Ministry and Foreign Ministry sent a team to the region on Wednesday to assist in the aftermath of the explosions at a military barracks in the city of Bata. The IDF Spokesperson Unit released the following statement: “The IDF, the Health Ministry and the Foreign Ministry will continue to assist on behalf of the State of Israel in any disaster in which it may be required, and will contribute its experience and capabilities around the world”.

The IDF Medical Corps is leading the mission which is formed of two medical teams with professionals from all medical fields. The delegation is headed by Deputy Chief Medical Officer Colonel Dr. Noam Fink and is comprised of 60 doctors, nurses and Magen David Adom paramedics.

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