IDF to send 50-person delegation to earthquake-struck Mexico 

By September 20 2017, 15:51 Latest News No Comments

MexicoA delegation of 50 soldiers from the IDF’s Home Front Command is expected to travel to Mexico City on Wednesday afternoon to assist local teams after a large earthquake devastated portions of the country, an army spokesperson said.

At least 248 people were killed when a powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck Mexico on Tuesday, including 21 children crushed beneath a primary school that was reduced to rubble.

The 50-person Israeli delegation is made up mostly of engineers who will help assess the structural integrity of buildings in Mexico City and other affected areas.

Israel is often one of the first countries to send humanitarian relief delegations to disaster-struck countries, and has provided rescue and medical services after earthquakes in Nepal, the Philippines, Haiti, and Turkey.

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