Iran accused of dismantling secret nuclear weapons site

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iran-site-1On Monday, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Iran had been developing and experimenting with nuclear weapons at a secret base in Abadeh, South Central-Iran.
Iran allegedly destroyed these bases to conceal any evidence once they realised Israel was monitoring it.

While speaking at a press conference in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Netanyahu unveiled two date-stamped satellite images, one taken before, and one after the alleged Iranian operation to clean up the site. These images suggest it had taken place in late June or early July of this year.

Mr Netanyahu did not provide any further details on the suspected experiments nor a time frame for when the site was used for nuclear development. He called on the international community to “wake up” and “realise that Iran is systematically lying” in a bid to encourage other world leaders to follow the U.S. in enforcing tough sanctions and exerting more pressure on Iran.

Just last week, Iran announced that it had ceased all its commitments under the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JPCOA) on research and development, a move dubbed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as “deeply concerning”. Following this announcement, on Monday the IAEA confirmed they had verified 56 centrifuges that Iran was in the process of installing.

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