Iranian students refuse to step on Israeli and US flags

By January 13 2020, 14:43 Latest News No Comments

Iran-Students-750Over the weekend, videos emerged of students at Tehran’s Shaheed Beheshti University refusing to step on Israeli and American Flags before furiously berating those who do.

Ali Khamenei’s regime is said to have painted the flags at the main entrance of the university for students to walk over as a sign of disrespect to the regime’s long standing enemies. This is yet another example of the Iranian regime’s line of anti-west rhetoric is being undermined by younger generations.

Thousands of Iranian protestors took to the streets of Tehran and other cities this weekend to condemn the Iranian regime for shooting down the Ukrainian passenger plane and killing 176 people.

Iran previously denied claims that the country had targeted the plane, however admitted the mistake on Saturday. Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei expressed “deep sympathy” to the victims but did not apologise.

Students across the country have been a particularly strong voice in protests over the weekend, demanding Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s resignation over the incident.

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