Islamic Jihad claims new missile can hit Tel Aviv and beyond

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Untitled-8-e1551076608190-640x400The Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group boasted on Sunday evening that it had developed a new missile that can hit beyond Tel Aviv, threatening to turn Israeli cities into “hell”.

The Gaza-based terror group made the claim in a documentary film broadcast on Iranian television, which included footage of various rockets, other weapons and missile launches.

The missile was made with help from Iran, Islamic Jihad said. The Iran-backed group is the second-largest terror organisation in Gaza, after Hamas. A Islamic Jihad spokesman said in the documentary: “We managed to develop a missile that can reach from the Gaza Strip to Tel Aviv and Netanya”.

The group warned it would “surprise” Israel “in response to any crime it makes in the future.

A spokesman for the group’s Al-Quds Brigades also confirmed on Iranian television last week that Islamic Jihad is constructing underground tunnels from Gaza into Israel “to capture Israeli soldiers” for use in prisoner exchanges. He said: “It is our natural right and our duty to capture Israeli soldiers”.

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