Israel and Palestinian Authority participate in Middle East Forest Fires joint international exercise

By October 24 2017, 11:36 Latest News No Comments

MEFFForces from Israel, the Palestinian Authority (PA), and Jordan are participating in the Middle East Forest Fires (MEFF) joint international exercise today and tomorrow (24th-25th October), conducted under the sponsorship of EU member states Italy, France and Spain.

The joint exercise, which is being held in Israel, is supported by the European Commission’s Civil Protection Exercise programme, and aims to preserve lives and natural resources regardless of nationality or borders.

The exercise will encompass 400 active participants from the First Response sectors of the participating countries, aiming to cooperate in firefighting, medical care and the dispersal of humanitarian aid in a scenario where a regional disaster strikes and proliferates from one country to its neighbours.

It aims for Palestinians, Jordanians, and Israelis to work side-by-side to exchange knowledge and effectively respond to disaster situations, with the common objective of saving lives, irrespective of nationality.

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