Israel closes Gaza border crossing in response to firebomb attacks

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kerem shalomOn Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel was closing the Kerem Shalom border crossing in response to firebomb attacks from Gaza that have caused extensive damage in Israel.

The crossing is the main entry point for goods being carried from Israel to the Gaza Strip.

Since 30th March, incendiary kites from Gaza have caused more than 850 fires, and thousands of acres of forests and agricultural crops have been destroyed.

While the Israel Defence Forces have confirmed that Kerem Shalom would be closed to all commercial goods into and out of the Gaza Strip, the army said that humanitarian aid, notably food and medicine, would still be allowed into Gaza.

However, these deliveries would require special permission from the military liaison to the Palestinians. Egypt have largely closed their Rafah border crossing to Gaza since President Sisi’s rise to power in 2014. Egypt’s decision to open the border during the holy month of Ramadan, marks the longest duration since 2013 that the only crossing connecting Gaza to Egypt would be accessible for.

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