Israel on high alert over possible Hezbollah attack

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MIDEAST ISRAEL LEBANONIsrael remains on a heightened state of alert along its northern border with Lebanon after infiltration attempt by the terror group Hezbollah on Monday.

On Monday afternoon, a Hezbollah cell attempted to infiltrate Israel in the Mount Dov area. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) observers monitored the cell on camera and when they crossed into Israeli territory, troops fired at the ground close to them, but deliberately did not hit them. The cell then fled back to Lebanese territory.

During the infiltration attempt, the IDF instructed all Israelis who live in the border area to remain in their homes. The restrictions on civilian activity were lifted soon after.

Israel believes that Hezbollah is still planning a retaliation for the death of one of its operatives in an attack in Syria that was carried out last week and which was attributed to Israel. Tensions have rapidly escalated since the death of Hezbollah operative Ali Kamel Mohsen Jawad, along with two other terrorists, during an airstrike on Damascus International Airport earlier this month.

The IDF this week deployed surface-to-surface missiles, tanks, intel-gathering units and special forces, spread across the northern border, to provide a powerful counter attack if necessary.

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