Israel to build gas pipeline to boost energy and water supplies to Gaza

By September 09 2016, 15:30 Latest News No Comments

gaza-pipelineIn collaboration with the Dutch Government, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that he will assist in improving water and gas supply to Gaza.

This came after Netanyahu announced that he and his government have “no qualms with the people of Gaza” and in order to reduce their suffering “the first step is to improve the supply of energy and water to Gaza, including laying a gas pipeline”.

The gas line would allow Gaza’s power plant to double generation from around 200 MW at present.

This announcement coincided with a $300 million Japanese investment in the West Bank city Jericho, with the aim to build a new industrial park. Israel has contributed $50 million towards the project, which the Japanese hope to transform the city into a pipeline for Palestinian goods to the Arab world. The Japanese have dubbed the industrial park “corridor for peace and prosperity”.

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