Israel transfers 5,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses to Palestinian Authority

By February 05 2021, 15:41 Latest News No Comments

The Palestinian Authority administered its first known coronavirus vaccinations on Tuesday, after receiving thousands of doses of the Moderna vaccine from Israel.

Israel transferred 5,000 coronavirus vaccine doses to medical teams in Palestinian Authority area, an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) source confirmed.

They said: “In accordance with the recommendation of the Defense Minister and the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, the political echelon approved [on Friday] the transfer of 5,000 vaccine doses to medical teams in the Palestinian Authority”.

The first doses will go to medical workers.

The Palestinian Authority have not publicly requested vaccines from Israel and say they are securing their own supplies through the World Health Organisation (WHO) and contracts with four parties — Moderna, AstraZeneca, China and Russia. Most of the doses are now expected to arrive in mid-March, although several deadlines for the vaccines’ arrival have already passed.

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