Israel Uses Tech Advancements to Protect Developing Nations

By July 10 2019, 12:07 Latest News No Comments

Isralockel’s Ministry of Economy and National Cyber Directorate (INCD) have made an agreement with the World Bank to improve the cyber defences of countries unable to protect themselves. They will work together with the UK and Japan, among others, in a joint effort which they believe will allow emerging markets to grow without fear of attack.

Israel will contribute $1 million to the World Bank’s Digital Development Partnership, having already established itself as a world leader in the field of cyber technology. Eventually, Israel hopes that these countries will be able to contribute to the development of technology and begin a reciprocal relationship with their benefactors.

The official statement from the Ministry declared that Israel will also “make its academics and entrepreneurs available for the development needs.” This represents a very positive move for the Israeli economy, which Ohad Cohen, Israel’s Trade Commissioner, called “a strategic activity, paving new roads that will serve Israeli industries for years to come.”

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