Israeli city of Beersheva hit by rockets from Gaza

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BeershevaThe Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) on Wednesday morning attacked 20 terror targets, thought to be military facilities in Gaza in response to rockets fired at Israel earlier on in the morning.

One rocket that was fired hit a home in the southern Israeli city of Beersheva, causing significant damage but no injury. A second rocket that was launched from Gaza landed off the coast of the Tel Aviv area.

The IDF said it considered the Hamas terror group to be responsible for the attacks, despite a denial by the terror organisation.

IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said “There are only two organisations in Gaza that have this calibre of rocket: Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad it’s not hard to narrow down who’s behind it”.

The IDF said in response to the attack that it had bombed around 20 targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including a tunnel being created towards Israel.

Israeli air force jets also attacked a few weapons factory, military bases and other facilities connected to Hamas’s tunnel-building.

The IDF released video footage of an airstrike, showing men loading a launch tube with a shell and taking a few steps away before an Israeli aircraft attacked them.

One Palestinian was killed in the strike, according to the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry.

The rockets fired by Palestinians at Israel on Wednesday morning came during weeks of high tensions.

The rockets used in the attack were not the standard Grad variety, but an improved version with a larger warhead. According to the IDF, it is a mid-range model that is produced within the Gaza Strip.

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