Israeli Prime minister Netanyahu sets out terms for a ‘better’ deal with Iran

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Netanyahu betterThis week Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called for a better deal with Iran and set out what he described as two central alternative components.

In a short video statement, Netanyahu said “Let me reiterate again the two main components of the alternative to this bad deal: First, instead of allowing Iran to preserve and develop its nuclear capabilities, a better deal would significantly roll back these capabilities – for example, by shutting down the illicit underground facilities that Iran concealed for years from the international community.

“Second, instead of lifting the restrictions on Iran’s nuclear facilities and program at a fixed date, a better deal would link the lifting of these restrictions to an end of Iran’s aggression in the region, its worldwide terrorism and its threats to annihilate Israel,” he said.

PM Netanyahu has also been reported as saying that the inspections of Iran’s nuclear sited are “not serious” and that he is unconvinced that the west would resist Iran’s call for sanctions to be lifted as soon as the deal is implemented, rather than in phases and dependant in Iranian compliance. He said “We see that the sanctions are being lifted, immediately, according to Iran’s demand, and this is without Iran having changed its policy of aggression everywhere.”

Netanyahu also accused world powers of allowing Iran’s nuclear infrastructure to remain intact as part of the framework deal and asserted that “We see that Iran is being left with significant nuclear capabilities; it is not dismantling them, it is preserving them. We also see that the inspection is not serious. How can such a country be trusted? As of now there is no real monitoring.”

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