Israeli student murdered in West Bank terror attack

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FuneralAn 18-year-old Israeli soldier and yeshiva student was stabbed to death near an Israeli settlement in the West Bank on Wednesday night, in what is believed to be a terrorist attack.

Dvir Sorek had been missing since Wednesday evening, while his body was discovered later with multiple stab wounds at approximately 3 am the following morning. It is believed he was kidnapped while walking to his yeshiva in Migdal Oz after returning from a visit to Jerusalem.

He was stabbed to death near the Etzion Bloc, and the perpetrators then fled the scene.

Thousands gathered on Thursday evening at the civilian cemetery in the settlement of Ofra, where the Sorek family lives, for Dvir’s funeral.

Hamas have publicly congratulated the culprit, calling the crime “a most powerful response to the discourse over the attempt to annex the occupied West Bank”.

It is unknown whether Hamas are actually linked to the crime, however it is being treated as a terrorist incident by Israeli authorities, with IDF spokesperson Brig-Gen. Ronen Manelis describing it as “a serious terrorist attack”.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to everything to bring the perpetrators to justice, stating: “We will not rest until we catch them”.

The manhunt for the killers has entered its second day, with the IDF deploying more troops in the West Bank and conducting overnight raids in towns near site where the victim was found stabbed to death.

The military fears the assailants may attempt to carry out additional attacks or serve as inspiration for other would-be terrorists.

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