Israeli tech provides vital communications to cave-trapped Thai boys

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Thai caveRescuers working to save a Thai youth football team trapped deep inside a flooded cave are using an Israeli technology system to maintain communication with the 12 boys and their coach.

Maxtech Networks told The Times of Israel on Thursday that its system is providing a voice, data, and video link to the boys who have been stuck in the cave for nearly two weeks.

The boys had ventured in the cave while it was dry but were caught by a sudden deluge of rain, which flooded the system. They were only located earlier this week by British divers, nine days after they had been reported missing.

In the Israeli system, a string of small devices, pass wireless communications between each other, enabling a link in places regular radios won’t work, such as where there are major obstacles blocking the line-of-sight between the two ends of the line.

It took 19 of the devices to complete the link to the boys in the cave. They have enough battery power for 10 hours’ use at a time.

Today a former Thai navy diver tragically died while taking part in efforts to rescue the boys and their coach.

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