Israeli tech supplies water to drought-stricken South Africa

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130417-1024x640Israeli tech invention Watergen is being deployed by the World Vision South Africa aid organisation jointly with the Ford Motor Company Fund to produce fresh and safe drinking water to the drought-stricken South African province of Eastern Cape.

This Israeli tech has helped more than 3,400 households, thousands of residents and various early childhood development centres and schools. The company’s creation works as an atmospheric water generator that can produce up to 900 litres of water a day from the air, requiring no infrastructure apart from electricity.

In 2019 Watergen was presented the CES Innovation Award, and the previous year earned a place on the World Economic Forum’s list of the world’s top technology pioneers for its efforts to make clean water universally available.

Israel does not have vast available water resources, and so the question of water supply has led to plenty of technological innovations.

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