Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits London to celebrate Balfour Centenary

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Benjamin NetanyahuPrime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has visited London this week on the invitation of Prime Minister Theresa May, where he celebrated the Balfour Declaration centenary and outlined concerns about the Iranian regime’s regional aggression.

He called on Palestinian “a hundred years after Balfour,” to “finally accept the Jewish national home and finally accept the Jewish state, and when they do, the road to peace will be infinitely closer”.

Speaking at Chatham House today at a question and answer event, Mr Netanyahu warned that Iran was seeking to establish an “empire on the land ridge stretching from Tehran to Tartus Port”.

Answering a question on the Lebanese Shia terror organisation Hezbollah, he said: “If you take away the scaffolding of Iran”, the group would collapse.

The Israeli Prime Minister opened the London Stock Exchange today, where he discussed the success of Israeli technology, citing Israeli companies Waze and Mobileye. Highlighting Israel’s innovation in cyber security, he said: “Israel received in the last year 20% of the global investment in cyber security. Since we’re a tenth of one% of the world’s population, that’s punching 200 times above our weight”.

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