John Howell MP underlines support for Israel in new edition of The Scribe magazine

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Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 15.27.04CFI Vice-Chairman John Howell OBE MP underlined his friendship of Israel in an article published in the new edition of The Scribe magazine.

Mr Howell wrote about his visits to Israel on Parliamentary delegation with CFI and highlighted coexistence projects taking place between Israelis and Palestinians.

He underlined: “Israel is a beacon with so much to offer the world.  I am pleased at its good relations with the UK and equally pleased to have played a part in taking them forward”, adding that the normalisation of ties between Israel and the UAE represents a “landmark moment…and presents a unique opportunity for the UK to support further diplomatic efforts in the region”.

CFI’s Parliamentary Manager Elkie Clark also penned an article in the magazine on the plight of Jewish refugees in the Middle East and North Africa, where she emphasised that “though the displacement of Palestinian refugees is well-known, there is little global acknowledgement of the second refugee population created around the same time, when Jews fled from age-old communities across the region to escape persecution”.

She added: “The discrimination faced by Jewish minorities in the Arab world escalated following the UN Partition Plan of 1947, leading over 850,000 to flee in the years that followed. Most found refuge in the nascent Jewish State, while over 200,000 escaped to Europe and the United States”.

Read the articles here.

The Scribe is a community magazine giving an insight into the ways of Iraqi Jewry and keeping their heritage and traditions alive. This special Jubilee edition of The Scribe brings us up to date with news on Sephardi life around the globe and recounts our Iraqi culture, history and beyond.

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