Jordan receives first natural gas supplies from Israel

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LeviathanAn experimental supply of natural gas from Israel’s Leviathan gas field has begun pumping to Jordan by the Texas-based Noble Energy Inc on Wednesday, despite heated opposition from sections of the Jordanian public.

The supplies, from Israel’s largest offshore natural gas field Leviathan have begun for an experimental three-month period and will test the infrastructure prior to the flow of the actual commercial supply, according to Jordan’s National Electric Power Company (NEPCO).

Under the agreement NEPCO struck with Noble Energy in 2016, the U.S.-Israeli consortium will supply Jordan gas for 15 years from the field in the Mediterranean.

Energy Minister Yuval Steinetz discussed the start of the gas flow to Jordan with Ynet news, saying “with this, Israel is becoming for the first time in its history, an energy exporter”. He added that gas flow to Egypt would begin within a week to 10 days, after planned natural gas exports to the country were approved in December.


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