Local Government Minister celebrates Jewish community’s contribution to the UK

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Rishi Sunak 77Local Government Minister Rishi Sunak MP in Westminster Hall yesterday celebrated the Jewish community’s “phenomenal” contribution to the UK, underlining “It is only right that we celebrate the great achievements of the Jewish community, whose contributions have truly shaped our nation’s journey and identity”.

Mr Sunak hailed the Jewish community’s social action, singling out the Board of Deputies and charities Jewish Care, Community Security Trust (CST), and Norwood for praise.

Illustrating the breadth of the community’s contribution to British life, the Minister said: “Jewish people have the one of the most enviable records of achievement of any demographic group in the United Kingdom’s history. Despite only ever forming a small percentage of the population, British Jews have shone in almost every field. They have inspired and entertained, created and innovated. They have become our doctors, our philosophers, our inventors, our musicians, our writers, our leaders, our role models, our parliamentarians and, indeed, one of our Prime Ministers”.

Concluding his speech, he said: “I stand here as someone who is the son of immigrants, and as someone who is proudly British, proudly Asian and proudly Hindu. I passionately believe that our ​society is richer for its diversity, and the Jewish community is a proud and shining testament to that”.

The Westminster Hall debate was led by Labour MP Christian Matheson.

Read the full debate here.

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