Nazi propaganda continues to appear in Palestinian Authority incitement

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PA Cartoon NetanyahuIn the latest example of Palestinian radicalisation, pictures have appeared on Fatah’s official website depicting Israelis and leading Israeli government figures as Nazis.

One of the photos, appearing on the website of Fatah’s Information and Culture commission, depicts Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a swastika tattooed on his shoulder being knocked out by a Palestinian boxer.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has said that he is concerned that “in the Palestinian press we’ve had continual references to Nazi Germany, comparing Israel and Israel’s leaders to Nazis, [and] saying that we carry Nazi genes”.

The Organisation ‘Palestinian Media Watch’ has documented that the PA and Fatah often claim that Israel behaves like the Nazis or worse, and Netanyahu himself has been pictured before as a Nazi.

Netanyahu, who is also portrayed walking on a path of Palestinian children’s skulls – has on numerous occasions spoken out against such incitement to violence stating that: “this is a way of poisoning the atmosphere for peace. It must stop. This whole incitement against Israel must cease if we’re to have the genuine peace that we deserve and our Palestinian neighbours deserve as well ”.

In November, Fatah’s official Facebook page insinuated that Israel was behind the Paris terror attack that killed 132 people. The cartoon depicts a grinning Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu watching Paris from a balcony with a telescope while a grinning ISIS terrorist stands beside him with an assault rifle.

PA Cartoon Netanyahu 2

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