Palestinian Authority paid terrorist prisoners £254 million in 2017

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Abbas 1The Palestinian Authority (PA) paid terrorist prisoners and their families £254 million last year, according to its own records, the Israeli Defense Ministry reported to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday.

Contradicting its assurances to the international community, the PA continues to pay an estimated £84 million annually to convicted terrorists.

The practice is worth 7% of its budget and 20% of its foreign aid receipts.

Prisoner salaries directly reward terrorists who have killed Israelis, with higher salaries given to those who have killed more Israelis. The PA pays terrorists who are sentenced to 20 years or more in prison – those who committed more severe crimes, and likely were involved in killing Israelis – five times that each month for the rest of their lives.

The average income of a Palestinian is £424 per month, which is what the PA pays terrorists who are sentenced to three to five years in prison.

Terrorists who are Israeli citizens receive a £106 bonus, which, when added to the amount PA pays for the most severe crimes, comes to over £2,121 a month, more than the average Israeli income of around £1,975. There are also increases in pay for being married and for each child a terrorist has.

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