Palestinian University names class after terrorist who murdered 37 civilians

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PAFatah’s student movement Shabiba held its annual graduation ceremony at the An-Najah National University together with the student council last month, which included a class named after Palestinian terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, who hijacked a bus in 1978 and murdered 37 civilians including 12 children. The terror attack was the most lethal in Israel’s history.

Fatah Central Committee official Jamal Muhaisen spoke at the graduation in front of a large banner, which included the text “Shabiba student movement the Martyrs’ cell annual graduation ceremony, Class of the Bride of the Coast, Martyr Dalal Mughrabi” alongside images of Mughrabi.

The banner also displayed images of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, and Yasser Arafat. Next to the picture of Arafat was the Shabiba at An-Najah National University logo, which reads “from the sea of blood of the Martyrs we will create a state” together with a coat of arms featuring a raised fist in the shape of the map that depicts all of Israel as Palestine.

Fatah’s student movement Shabiba also recently produced a music video honouring four terrorists, including Dalal Mughrabi. The other terrorists praised where Abu Iyad, who killed 11 athletes in the Olympic massacre, Abu Jihad, a murderer of 125 civilians through a series of attacks, and Marwan Barghouti who killed five civilians.

Lyrics from the music video stated that Abu Iyad “lives and is not dead, his soul is with us, we will not forget him”, described terrorists as “self-sacrificing fighters” and that Mughrabi’s murder of 37 Israelis “liberated” Palestinian land.

Dalal Mughrabi is potrayed as a role model for Palestinian society and consistently praised by PA and Fatah officials. In March 2017, the PLO Supreme Council for Youth and Sports named a youth camp after Mughrabi.

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