Poll reveals Britons support full Hezbollah ban by four to one

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Hezbollah londonAn exclusive ComRes poll for the Jewish News this week found that Britons are four times more likely to support the proscription of Hezbollah’s political wing as to oppose it.

In a representative poll of 2,038 adults, 44% said they would support or strongly support the political wing being designated a terrorist group, compared with just 10% who were opposed. 46% answered that they ‘don’t know’, meaning that 81% of those expressing a view backed its designation as a terrorist organisation.

According to the poll, young people are most likely to oppose the proscription, with 23% of 18-34-year-old who express a view opposing the proposal compared to 17% of over 55s.

Among Jewish respondents, 91% were in support, 9% who ‘don’t know’. Muslims were more than twice as likely to support an extension of the designation as be opposed to it.

CFI Vice-Chairman said in response to the poll: “It is artificial to distinguish the activities of the two elements of this highly militant extremist organisation… I would urge the Government to listen to the views expressed in this poll and ban the political side Hezbollah”.

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