Prime Minister lauds “extraordinary contributions” of Jewish Nobel laureates

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Theresa May NobelPrime Minister Theresa May praised the “extraordinary contributions” of Jewish Nobel Prize winners, in a foreword written for a new book by Derek Taylor dedicated to laureates.

Prime Minister May wrote: “Today it is hard to imagine a world that does not reflect the influence of Einstein, Pinter, Wiesel and the more than 200 other Jewish men and women who have received Nobel Prizes in the 117 years since the first was awarded”.

She added that the “immeasurable” contribution “is one that is all the more remarkable given the relatively small number of Jewish people in the world – despite making up just 0.2 percent of the global population, Jewish laureates account for more than a fifth of all winners – and the unimaginable, unprecedented levels of discrimination, oppression and persecution they have been forced to overcome”.

The Prime Minister said: “From making the scientific discoveries that explain the world around us to creating the literature that gives it meaning, and from pioneering the medical breakthroughs that save innumerable lives to leading the peace-making initiatives that save countless more, generations of Jewish Nobel laureates have made an immeasurable contribution to the world in which we all live”.

Click here to read the foreword in full.

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