Prime Minister Theresa May warns of Iran’s “destabilising” influence, in Middle East visit

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theresa-may jordanPrime Minister Theresa May condemned Iran’s “destabilising” influence in the region, and called for a stronger response to the country’s ballistic missile programme, in a visit to Jordan as part of her three-day tour in the region.

Speaking in the Jordanian capital Amman, Prime Minister May said: “Iran is showing that it is more interested in bolstering its role in the region, and that of its proxy Hezbollah, than finding a lasting peace in Syria”.

Warning of the regime’s regional aggression, she added: “Iran’s destabilising activity goes beyond Syria. Their previous attempts to acquire a nuclear weapon posed a threat to the international non-proliferation system on which wider international security depends”.

Prime Minister May said that Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA) nuclear agreement “only addresses one aspect of Iran’s threat in this region”, adding “we must therefore strengthen our response to Iran’s ballistic missile programme and its proliferation of weapons”.

The Prime Minister also addressed the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians, stating that “getting the peace process back on track” is of “vital importance”.

She emphasised: “The UK has an historic role in the search for a just and lasting settlement. We remain absolutely committed to doing everything we can to support both sides to achieve a peace deal which must be based on a two-state solution, with a viable and sovereign Palestinian state alongside a safe and secure Israel”.

The Prime Minister’s three-day tour included talks in Saudi Arabia and a surprise visit to Iraq, making her the first major leader to visit the country since the fall of Mosul.

Click here to read Prime Minister May’s speech in full.

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