Rami Hamdallah resigns as Palestinian Prime Minister

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HamdallahOn Tuesday, Rami Hamdallah, the handed in his resignation as Palestinian Prime Minister, reportedly after Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas requested his resignation over the weekend.

Hamdallah said that the Palestinian cabinet would “continue to perform its duties and serve our people, and carry out all responsibilities until the formation of a new government”.

The Palestinian cabinet submitted its resignation after the Fatah central committee – the dominant faction of President Abbas – reportedly called for Abbas to form a new government of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) factions without the involvement of Hamas.

The Hamdallah government was formed through agreement with Hamas and responsible for all Palestinian territories. However, the PA has not been able to agree with Hamas the terms under which it will resume control of the Gaza Strip.

Hamdallah’s convoy was attacked with a roadside bomb during a rare visit to the Gaza Strip in March 2018. In addition, the PA has withheld financial support for public services in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, exacerbating the humanitarian situation in the territory.

Hamas has criticised attempts  to replace the government, with spokesman Fawzi Barhoum stating: “Fatah’s call for forming a new government consisting of PLO factions will solidify the split between the West Bank and Gaza Strip”.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was elected in 2005 for an initial four-year term but no elections have been held since then due to the Fatah-Hamas split.

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