Rt. Hon. Sir Eric Pickles: The Duke of Cambridge will see the real Israel we know and love

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Eric Pickles12Rt. Hon. Sir Eric Pickles underlined this week in an article in the Jewish News that the Duke of Cambridge, HRH Prince William, will see the “real Israel” in the first official visit to the country by a member of the Royal family.

Sir Eric wrote: “While high-profile visits of this nature can be unpredictable, there are two things of which I’m confident. First, the Prince will receive the warmest of welcomes in Israel. Second, he’ll discover a thriving democracy that celebrates and cherishes the same values we proudly do in the UK”.

The former CFI Parliamentary Chairman said that in March, he had made a plea in the Jewish News “that the Duke sees the real Israel, with all its vibrancy, innovation and compassion”, and that he was pleased to now see that the Duke’s itinerary reflected this call.

Click here to read Sir Eric’s article in full.


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